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keep dogs happy

Welcome to where it is okay and encouraged to keep dogs happy.

Why not spoil your babies who you consider as part of the family! They are always happy to see you so why not find ways to truly make them happy.

Their unconditional display of love when you come home can help you forget a tough day.

I know we love our dogs that you see in the website header and picture. And yes, Bailey and BubbaBuster are definitely part of the family.

When shopping, we always seem to be on the look out for things that might make our dogs happy.

The items can be a new toy, some of their favorite bones, new dog treats or clothes to wear. Sometimes it is something as simple as buying rawhide strips and adding peanut butter to them later. 

Is that actually enough to keep your dogs and ultimately you happy?

Most people including myself do not realize their mistake in saying YES until it is too late.

The "Mistake" comment above is based on our past experience with two small dachshunds we had before Bailey and Bubba became part of the family.

Due to poor planning on my part which led to major frustrations, we eventually made the decision to give the dachshunds to a loving couple whose dog had died. To this day, I still regret and feel sad about giving away our first puppies because I failed to create a plan.

The Basic Zero Plan

Like most people with new dogs, the basic zero plan was to, except for bathroom breaks, have the dogs in the house with us or in the backyard playing. If it was raining or if we were not home, the garage became the indoor kennel.

What an Eye Opener and Chore ...trying without luck to keep the carpets and garage floor from being soiled and the garage walls from being damaged by their scratching and chewing.

We did luck out from them eating the kitchen cabinets and wood furniture because we never left them alone inside the house.

We do have some friends who are looking to create a plan after their one dog decided he loves pulling the protective covering off the sheetrock walls and chewing on their kitchen cabinets when left alone in their house.

The Backyard

Even though I was filled with worry from past experiences with dogs eating the wood siding of a house as a treat, I moved forward without a plan for the backyard.   

Our basic zero plan didn't include a doghouse for the backyard since the dachshunds were going to sleep in their pet carrier at night and be in the house most of the time during the day.  

That kind of reasoning was a big mistake as it always seemed to start raining when I was in the shower and the dogs were in the backyard.

Aside from not placing a dog house in the backyard, I gained more dog experience the hard way.

The next phase of my experience started with the dachshunds scratching at the back door wanting back into the house. This great leg exercise for dogs increases with intensity if you are unavailable to open the door quick enough to suit them.

Door and Frame Wood Damage By Dogs

Making the decision to stay in the shower or away from home too long will or can result in a few hundred dollars of chew and scratch damage to the painted wood surface and weather stripping at the back door.

The Backyard Stroll

Let me take you on a stroll to see what you should expect to find eventually in the backyard if you move forward without a plan. Yes, I learned the hard way.

In between stepping over or in the piles of poop, you notice that the dogs have worn trails in the lawn all over the place. The trails consist of bare earth that turn to mud during a rain and now you understand why your carpet cleaning time and expense have increased.

Fence Gate Chewed By DogsYou notice where your dogs have decided that the wood siding on the house actually tastes good. (Note: This didn't happen with the dachshunds at our house. They hadn't discovered this tasty treat yet except at the backdoor wood frame opening and the gate fence. This can and does happen.

As a former real estate agent, I saw a home for sale where the seller's dogs had caused thousands of dollars in damage to the wood siding. And to think the sellers still wanted full price.)

Finally, you discover that dogs love to dig as you see several freshly dug holes in the lawn area. You shrug and say, oh well, until the next digging phase starts which is not too far away.

Either a neighbor knocks on the front door to let you know that your dogs are running down the street or you go into the backyard to check on them only to discover the dogs have dug under the fence and are now missing.

I was heartbroken to find our dachshund dogs missing and thankfully a neighbor a few streets over found them at the neighborhood store. The dogs discovery of digging out became a daily struggle for me to block their now almost daily escape attempts.

After adding up the hassle and expense of the daily escape attempts, garage wall and floor stained damage, lawn damage, backdoor and wood frame damage and constant carpet cleaning issues, the sad decision was made to find them a new home.

We didn't think those active dachshunds would be missed as much as they were by the family. A few months later my wife requested or stated that she wanted to get 2 more dogs to replace the dachshunds.

Requested or stated didn't matter as I knew happiness at home meant momma wanted some more babies to spoil.

Actually, I wanted some more dogs too and quickly agreed with one condition.

That condition was to design and build them a backyard kennel with a doghouse included to keep them safe, dry and free from standing in the mud after a rain.

And with some planning this time, I am able to enjoy Bailey and Buster more with a lot less worry.

Is there moments when they damage things?

Doghouse Wood Damage Created By Dogs Chewing On WoodYes, but the damage is in their kennel like them chewing on the doghouse as shown in the picture to the right.

At least it is not the expensive siding on the house being eaten as dessert. Note: See the wood laying on the kennel floor. It was part of the front of the doghouse at the opening. The opening started out being only as wide as the 2 plastic wind flaps until the dogs tore off several pieces of wood.

Web Site Content To Discover Here

On this web site about keeping dogs happy you'll find information experienced or discovered as we continue to spoil our babies.

The information shared on the web pages will include information about products, health tips, dog issues like barking and even a web page dedicated to pet friendly plants.

Part of my mission is to provide enough information here or through approved links to help you enjoy your dogs even more.

I want you to be able to create and customize a plan that allows you to spoil your dogs without allowing them to control the house and the backyard.