Thank You, Momma

I just wanted to take a minute from my play time to thank you for rescuing me from the animal shelter and giving me a great home that I share with my new three best friends.

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The day you rescued me started with the workers saying my time to be put down, whatever that meant, was getting closer since no one wanted an underfed and mistreated puppy mill dog like me.

Out of sixteen dogs taken from a puppy mill, I was the only left in the cage. I grew more scared and nervous each time people looked at me as I nervously paced back and forth in my cage. I watched them point at other dogs who were selected for adoption instead of a sweet but scared dog like me.

The second worst day of my life was the day when I found myself all alone in the cage after my son, born in the puppy mill, was adopted. The worst day of my life was when I heard the animal shelter workers give me two weeks to live.

I counted each day they walked by my cage as they observed a now very sad, lonely and scared dog who was still pacing back and forth now waiting for the day the attendant would stop to open the cage door to take me to be put down.

Yes, I was always taking a quick look when I heard footsteps approaching the cage just hoping it was someone coming to love me.

I remember the day like it was yesterday when I saw you stop in front of my dark cage and peer at me.

My heart started beating fast as my pacing back and forth in the kennel accelerated when I saw you smile and I thought I saw a tear in your eye but I held my breath as I didn't want to get my hopes up too much.

I wanted to run to you to beg you to save me but I was so scared even though I could sense you would love and be kind to me.

After all, I'll admit that I didn't think my chances of being adopted were very good with my bones showing from missing too many meals.

My heart dropped when you started walking to look at the other dogs housed at the animal shelter hoping to be adopted before their time to be put down arrived.

Even though I continued my pacing back and forth, I was crying quietly to myself as I thought my last chance for a good home left with you walking away. I could not believe it when I heard you at my cage door calling out to me.

Even though I was so scared and nervous, I raised my head and gave it my best shot to let you know I could show you so much love if you adopted me.

I was so happy when I heard you say this is the one who is going to be momma's baby!

Thank you again, momma for saving me.

Tim Tim the Baby