Dog Chewing Sprays and Repellant to Keep Dogs From Chewing

There are numerous products on the market where the manufacturers swear their dog anti chew spray product is the best no chew spray out there.

You can go read the comments on the product pages where some posters have indicated favorable results with products like the cider bitter sprays, cherry bitter sprays and tea tree oils.

However, before you can get excited about the product helping you, you'll read where several posters state the product didn't work for them.

You'll have to decide if the products will help with your dog's chewing problem. 

I will suggest that you don't just spray the product as directed by the maker of the product and then go off leaving your dog unsupervised.

You may come back to find hundreds of dollars of damage and Fido happily wagging his tail. He won't understand why you are mad at the surprise he worked so hard to make just for you.

What Chew Spray For Dogs Did I Try with Our Basset Hounds?

chew spray for dogs to keep dogs from chewingI tried a dog chewing repellant spray that contained tea tree oil with NO luck to keep them from making their dog house the main meal

Did I apply it wrong? I don't think so as I sprayed the dog house daily as instructed at the first small sign of the dog house becoming their next chew toy.

By the way, our two spoiled dogs had plenty of chew toys to occupy their time but it seemed like the more I sprayed the dog house; the more our two basset hounds loved chewing the wood.

After using a whole spray bottle in the battle they eventually won, I gave them the now empty bottle of the dog anti chew spray.

chew spray bottle They happily chewed the bottle as their trophy and is now a play toy as you see in the picture.    

Finally, since they were only damaging a structure within their kennel I built, I chose to abandon the battle of saving the dog house.

Some day I may go with a plastic dog house as there as some nice looking models on the market.

What About Home Remedy Chew Spray For Dogs?

With our two previous dachshunds, we tried the hot sauce and the cayenne pepper mixes on the exterior wood frame at the back door and the exterior fence sections.

Outside the house, we had some short lived luck with the chew spray home remedies and I was really having fun knowing that I had to apply those home chew sprays everyday...not. Finally, the dogs decided it was a treat and seemed to like the stuff so my experiment with the home remedies ended.

Inside the house, we were not sure if these two home remedy sprays would permanently stain materials so we chose not to spray either of these mixtures on the wood in the house, wall paper for sure and definitely not on our furniture.

Instead, the decision was made to never to leave the dachshunds unsupervised in the interior of the house. A small interior kennel was used to secure them if we were not around.

The basset hounds will never be left unsupervised in the house. With the large kennel I built outside, they enjoy their time outside eating their dog house when they are not inside the house enjoying their chewable bones with us watching them. 

Oh, I didn't even waste my time testing the home remedies on the two basset hounds. They would probably start begging for it to be put on their dog food.

Here Is One Mistake I Made - Something To Keep In Mind

Maybe, I should have tried to use the home remedy spray or any chew spray in the garage but didn't think about it when I put the two dachshunds in there one day.

They were okay until some abandoned dogs excited them and then the battle was on to eat through the sheetrock to get to their new buddies waiting outside.

Fortunately, I caught them in time before the damage became major which meant no more time in the garage without supervision or without being kenneled.    

What Else Are People Trying As A Dog Chewing Repellant?

I might need to use a scat mat to train dogsSome people are using the Scat Mat to try to break a dog's chewing habit or to try to at least keep their dog away from a favorite piece of furniture.

Other people are using the scat mat to keep their dogs from jumping up at the edge of the counter tops to see what goodies may be there to claim as their own.

Maybe I should try to purchase a scat mat to try since our basset hounds love to see what's cooking.

bailey checking on food in microwaveSo far Bailey, our female basset hound, has scored twice as she loves jumping up at the counter top and quickly grabbing a hand towel lying on the counter.

Unfortunately two cooking dishes made of glass came with the towels that she claimed as her own.

To Recap Important Article Points:

Make Sure Your Dog Gets Plenty Of Exercise -
(Yes, while that will make your dog healthier and tired, that alone is not going to stop Fido from really wanting to chew something that catches his eye especially when you are not around to say no. Secure Fido in a safe non tempting environment when you are gone.)

Use Spray To Keep Dogs From Chewing:
(Read above about my negative experience and my suggestion about testing the dog anti chew spray. keep in mind that your dog may actually hate the bitter sprays on the market and the spray selected may be just what you needed. Just because our dogs thought the no chew sprays were delicious treats doesn't mean your dog will do the same. Only by trying them will you know for sure.)

Don't Leave Your Dogs Unattended Where They Can Cause Expensive Damage:
(Even if you use an anti chew spray, I personally recommend that you use an outdoor kennel or a smaller indoor kennel to safely secure your dogs when you are not around to properly supervise their behavior.)

The Scat Mat Is Being Used By Some As A Dog Chewing Repellant:
(You can't scat mat everything in a house so even if this works, you should slowly experiment with this product when you are home to make sure it works. Even then, I still recommend an outdoor kennel or a smaller indoor kennel to safely secure your dogs when you are not around to properly supervise their behavior.)

Good luck with keeping your dogs safe while keeping expensive dog generated damages to your house and furnishings to a minimum.