Your Dog Eating Chocolate or Cocoa Could Mean Death 

Watch out for Fido having easy access to or you giving him a portion of a favorite treat enjoyed by most humans.

You wouldn't think something so good in plain form or as an ingredient in a recipe would sicken or kill your dog that you love so much. 

What Makes Chocolate So Dangerous Especially For Dogs

Theobromine, a natural chemical compound found in the seeds of the Cacao or Cocoa plant is the deadly culprit.

Ironically, the seeds are used to make our favorite chocolate or cocoa.

Combining a dog's slow metabolism and Fido consuming too much chocolate can mean lethal chocolate(theobromine) poisoning.

How Much Chocolate Does It Take To Poison Fido?

That is hard to say as the specific quantity needed to poison your dog will depend on the size of the dog and quantity/type of chocolate eaten.

Keep in mind dark chocolate and baker's chocolate have higher concentrations of theobromine in smaller quantities than milk chocolate. 

Just 8.5 ounces of dark chocolate or a 1.5 oz baker's chocolate bar could poison a 44 pound dog where as it might take 1.1 lbs of milk chocolate for the toxic poisonous symptoms to appear.

What If Your Dog Managed To Consume Some Chocolate?

If you walk into the house or walk outside and see an empty chocolate wrapper or wrappers (bad dog) with Fido sitting nearby, keep a very close eye on him.  

If you know for sure that your dog ate some chocolate, immediately contact your veterinarian or your local poison control center to receive possible life saving instructions from qualified poison control specialists.

Theobromine can remain in a dog's bloodstream for 20 hours with symptoms starting with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and increased urination.

Without proper medical treatment starting within the veterinarian recommended 2 hours to counter the toxic chocolate(theobromine) poisoning, Fido can start experiencing cardiac arrhythmias, epileptic seizures, internal bleeding, heart attacks, and eventually death.

Remember, dogs like humans can taste sweetness and if given the chance to eat a little chocolate once, dogs will be happy to eat more than their share.

One gift box of chocolates left where Fido can reach them could turn out to be the most expensive box of chocolates you'll ever buy after paying the vet bill.

Maybe you are lucky enough to work at a company that offers a dog health insurance package as one of your benefits. 

One Last Tip To Help Protect Your Dogs:

Do teach your children about the serious consequences of feeding their dogs or other pets a piece of a chocolate candy bar or other chocolate laden food.

This innocent jester of love and affection could really turn tragic in a very short amount of time.