Dog Barking Control Devices

Dog Barking Control Devices

What to do with a dog barking all the time whether it is your dog or one of the neighbor's dog is always a frustrating issue.

Is there any dog barking control devices actually work?

I can only tell you what has worked for us so far to keep our dogs from bothering our neighbors and what didn't work when trying to solve two dog barking issues discussed below.

Our previous neighbor who moved in next to us had two of what I call Yelper dogs. These 2 dogs seemed to bark day and night with no relief in sight and for no apparent reason. It would go on for hours at a time.

The neighbors were either deaf, used to it or just didn't care that their dogs were disrupting the sleep of the neighbors around them.

What Dog Barking Device Didn't Work For Us?

My wife went as far as buying the dog barking control device that looks like a small little house that emits a high pitch noise when a dog barks continually.

We set it up on a shepard's hook and pointed the dog barking control device directly at their dog house area where they were chained. 

Many batteries later and with the device set on the highest sensitivity possible, the dogs just kept right on barking everyday until the neighbors moved. Now, that was a great day when I saw the moving truck pull up to that house.

Gave The Small Doghouse Design Dog Barking Device One More Try

When we got our 2 basset hounds, Bailey and Buster, the barking started as soon as they got bigger and realized they could bark.

Boy, did the barking start when we put them outside for the day or early evening. With some neighbors who also sleep during the day, we didn't want our dogs stepping on the rights of our neighbors.

I set up the dog barking device shaped like a small house about a foot outside their temporary kennel and the device never deterred Bailey and Bubba from barking.

The little house is now stored in the garage storage cabinet collecting dust.

Update: BarkOff Devices shown on TV (We bought 4 devices) - DID NOT WORK FOR US - If you are the manufacturer of the device, come to our house and PROVE your product is worth purchasing

What Dog Barking Device Is Working For Us

After researching the internet for other products on the market to stop our dogs from barking so much, we decided to try the dog barking correction collar. 

Adjusting the sensitivity to match the correctness level needed for their size was easy enough.

The barking correcting device worked so well that these days we don't even install new batteries in the bark collar correction control device.

If Bailey and Bubba are not wearing the barking collars, they eventually start barking when playing or if they hear someone on the other side of the fence trying to enjoy their backyard space.

As soon as we put the now non-active barking collars due to dead batteries back around their neck, both dogs immediately quit the nuisance barking even though they are no longer receiving the correction signals.

Do Dog Collar Barking Devices Work On Small Dogs

Our small dog who barks likes crazy when someone rings the doorbell or if she even thinks someone is at the door is now wearing small dog barking collar.

With day sleepers in our house too, her excessive shrill barking can wake the dead.

Our small dog also lets go with a steady yelp until she is let back in the house when she is in the backyard.

The small dog barking collar is helping to disrupt her nuisance barking habits.

The correction signals on this particular model are manually activated to create the mental association between the dog barking and the correction signals when she starts barking.

Like I observed with the large dog barking collars, it is my opinion the small dog barking collars will have to be worn as a normal collar.

Will any of these devices help in your situation and give you peace of mind?

I don't think anybody or company can truly guarantee positive results with any dog barking control device.

After personally purchasing these three dog barking control devices, we were happy to see 2 out of 3 are working well enough to help keep our dogs from being the neighborhood nuisance barkers and our dogs still love us.