Dog Cremation Or Funeral

You've did it! You've kept your dog happy all these years and showed it so much love.

Unfortunately, the day you've always dreaded is here and you are so heartbroken.

Even though the passing of your loved dog is a tough and sad issue to address; now you have to decide how to handle saying goodbye.

Which Option Do You Choose:

Have a Funeral At A Pet Cemetery Where You Can Visit?
What About A Cremation To Always Have Your Pet Near?
Do You Just Leave It With The Veterinarian?
Call Animal Control?

It is definitely a hard decision to make for many of us.

Why bring up and create a web page about the sad and difficult subject of your loved dog passing away on a web site mainly about making your dogs happy or protecting them?

Actually, a friend of mine making the comment below when reviewing this web site at my request made me think deeper about this subject.

The deep genuine love my friend still has for his Pals that have passed away is a heart string tugger. His decision could still be keeping the spirit of them happy even today.
"Great looking dog site and I was thinking; I had lost two of my pals and did not want to let go of them so I found a place in Millington that would cremate them and deliver the ashes back to me in a cherry box with a small window that I could add my favorite picture of them."

There are many people out there just like you and my friend who feel like a member of the family passed away and it is a truly painful loss.

It is okay to go all out and say goodbye to your loved "Pals" by honoring them with a funeral or do like my friend and use the cremation process to keep them close to you.

Who cares what some people think? This is you saying good bye to your dog who showed you love and loyalty for many years.

Where Can You Find A Pet Crematory or A Pet Cemetery?

Contacting your veterinarian is the best place to start asking.

I do recommend that you ask more than one veterinarian in your area to see if there is more than one pet crematory or pet cemetery in your area so you can compare cost.

Some crematories will give you the option of cremating your dog alone or with other pets with ashes kept separate to save money.

If you choose to cremate your dog alone, you can purchase an urn at the crematory or find one on-line which may be cheaper that personifies the spirit of your dog.