Kennel Flooring Systems

There are numerous kennel flooring systems now on the market.

Below is a list of available kennel flooring systems with prices ranging from inexpensive to expensive:


Concrete Flooring Systems:

This flooring system is a porous material that will absorb the smell of urine and feces over time and allow potential bacteria contamination  unless the concrete is sealed properly and then properly maintained. 

Using the right sealing materials the first time will be a major factor in future maintenance, helping to control odors and minimizing slippery floors.

Instant Kennel Floor: 

A porous woven structure made of industrial grade synthetic fibers that allows urine or other liquids to quickly drain down past the bed of pea gravel and sand or crushed stone placed underneath the flooring material into the soil. 

Feces can be easily seen and scooped up with remnants quickly hosed away.

What If It Is Freezing Outside?

For an Instant Kennel Floor located on a well drained sight, and in most cases, depending on just how cold the ambient temperature is, the dog’s body temperature should allow the urine to melt through the frozen floor, before the urine freezes.

Is Urine Splash Back A Problem?

Because the Instant Kennel Floor has a fairly open weave, splash back is not a problem.

Are There Any Problems With This Kennel Floor Design?

This manufacturer now has 2 new designs to overcome past problems with dogs pulling the edges of the old Instant Floor Kennel material design back into the kennel. We solved the problem with the old design on our own and our dogs have remained safely in their kennel free of dirt and mud for over 4 years now using the old design.

We have no personal experience with the new designs to give any opinion of the new designs.

Please visit their web site to learn more about their 2 new kennel floor designs:

"Perfect Installation Method" - They also have a "How To" youtube video. 

"Instant Install Method" - For those who want a quick and easy installation according to the Instant Kennel Floor spokesperson

Outdoor / Indoor Green Carpet Flooring:

Some people use the artifical green carpet over concrete or wood structures.

I don't think I have to say any more about using this material in an actual kennel. I've seen internet posts where people like using the material on porches and hard surfaces due to the ease of cleaning the material.

Personally, a hundred bucks later and time lost was a "Dang Moment" for us.



High Density Thermo Plastic Panels With Interlocking Tabs Flooring System: 

1 inch raised platform type of flooring system with plenty of airflow and designed to minimize the amount of animal waste under the flooring.

Would you ever have to remove sections of the flooring  system to get to a buildup of feces in say the corners?  To me, minimize means it could be possible for feces to accumulate under the flooring system.



Thick Polypropylene Plastic Interlocking Panels Kennel Flooring: 

The design consist of a 1 inch raised platform type of flooring system with plenty of airflow and designed for easy daily cleanup with a water hose. 

Would you ever have to remove sections of the flooring system to get to a buildup of feces in say the corners? Again, it looks like sections of the floor may have to be removed at times to get rid of feces accumulations in corners.



VersaDeck Perforated Tiles Kennel Floor:

The more expensive and colorful tiles designed to allow drainage while providing a raised floor for your dog.



Kennel Floor Liners:

Use scissors to cut the thin non-pourous material. Liner used for traveling crates, dog runs, dog houses or the back of the suburban. To me, this would no t work as a primary flooring system. 



Rubber Kennel Mats (Stall Mats For Horses):

These are the 100 pound heavy duty non-pourous types of rubber mats. They can easily be rinsed off and come in several sizes.

You will need a substructure of concrete or some other weight bearing material  to keep the mats level while preventing them from sinking in the mud.



Wood Deck Systems:

Some people use pressure treated wood as a flooring system in kennels.

Keep in mind that the boards are pieces of wood that have been dipped into a liquid preservative combination of chromium, copper and arsenic then placed in a pressure chamber to force the chemical cocktail throughout the membrane of the wood.

Pressure treated wood will need an oil based wood-finishing sealant applied every one or two years to prevent the chemical cocktail from leaching to the outer part of the board. 

A dog that is a chewer could possibly ingest the harmful chemicals when chewing on the wood.

Another factor to consider is the hygenic issue of feces collecting underneath the flooring system if the wood boards are not placed tightly together enough to prevent this from happening. Diarrhea could be a totally different issue so your design plans should include provisions to remove sections of the flooring system as needed.

Splinters may also become an issue that could hurt your dogs.



Wood Chip Flooring System

While wood chips such as cedar chips and cedar shavings are known to repel fleas, you do have the issues below to consider when going with this type of kennel flooring system

  • Wood chips scattering everywhere and replenishment inevitable 
  • Urine absorption along with the feces sticking to the wood chips equals replacement and  more work for me 
  • Dogs digging holes resulting in them being too muddy for the house  and possibly the holes will be too close to the house foundation structure creating potential failure of the foundation.